Many people started to gather in a square, in a small town called Guernica. People are just coming although the rain won’t stop showering the small town that has the capital city of Vitoria. It seems like they see that 4 minutes silence in the square of the small town is away much more important than staying at home or elsewhere.

Gernika, what is written locally, is located in the northern of Spain and goes with the province of Alava with the capital city of Vitoria-Gasteiz. It seems to me that this region has a very strong identity as people of Gernika. And I believe two other provinces (Biscay with the capital city, Bilbao and Gipuzkoa with the capital city, San Sebastian) in Pais Vasco also are strong in standing their identity of the People of Pais Vasco within the country of Spain.

The commemoration is held every year with the full enthusiasm and feelings. I really can sense their expression of remembering how the tragedy happened in this small town. The children and adults are taking roles in performing the street performance visualizing the tragedy.

The street performance of drama musical started from the front of the famous oak three where it used to be a meeting for the representative of people of Pais Vasco in making laws and policy in order to strengthen their identity and culture.

The songs sung by performances are sorrow as if like taking back all the people there, including me to see how it was happened tragically. Families are running to find the safe place from bombs that are showering them like a heavy rain. They are going around with the clothes measurably on them. The combination of sorrow song, effects of the fires burned, and the full-hearted performers just make everybody melt in the sadness. I even saw women were crying in front of me with sorrow.

The performance was taking place from one place to some places with the song kept going until finally ended in the Museum of Peace. The Museum that was created after the tragedy became the finish line for the performance. And all the performers sang together to close the ceremony.

I had a chance to come to the museum that was free at that day because it was the day of the tragedy happened. The museum was just amazing to me because it has everything since the tragedy happened, including the destroyed bricks of the houses as floor of the museum that is covered by transparent glass.

There is one place in the museum that amazed me a lot; it is an audio visual simulation of the tragedy. It was like a house, real house with the clock hanging, table, radio, windows, traditional lamp, and some other things that normal house has in the past. A sound of the woman of the house narrated the tragedy just like a story telling with the emotion and expression. The sounds of every sources is coming from different direction like a car sound comes from the window, radio sound comes from the old radio, clock sound is also coming from the clock that is hung on the wall. And in front of us was a mirror so everyone can see the whole things from the mirror.

In the end of the session of the simulation, the mirror in fact was a crystal that is like in the investigation room. The crystal became transparent eventually and showing the destroyed original house with the o’clock destroyed, table destroyed, and the lamp destroyed. The museum was just awesome!

I would love to come back again to this town!